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Mad Seating – In todayʼs world, companies and individuals are doing more and more to help each other in these challenging times. Numerous charities and research organizations are set up to assist those in need. My own daughter, Ali, is a juvenile diabetic. Like many of you, we all know friends and family who have had the misfortune of having to battle some type of illness.

Mad Seating

After being in the Office Seating Industry for over 25 years, Iʼve had some incredible opportunities and made some great friends along the way. Seeing all the changes in our world, a thought occurred to me that I could combine what I do for a living into a way to help others. Whatʼs more, my customers could be a part of it!!

Rather than just having one charity to help, and since we all have different causes that are close to our hearts, we wanted to let our customers choose one of 18 different charities that we, at Madseating, could donate to on their behalf. As for the term, “a portion of the proceeds”– Madseating is very clear: depending upon the chair, either $5 or $10 per chair will be donated.

Of course, this is not the reason to buy from Madseating– our top-quality, competitively- priced cool chairs are what will bring you in. Being able to help others while helping yourself is what will keep you coming back.

Our mission is to help others, one chair at a time. Making A Difference.